Environment Protection Engineering

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Environment Protection Engineering

R.   Ciach, H. Karpyn, M. Piątkowska, Some aspects of sustainable development of the city of Cracow (pp. 5-10)
C.   Gallo, The use of renewable sources in city centres (pp. 11-16)
B.   Majerska-Pałubicka, Solutions influencing the energetic balance of buildings in the aspect of historical towns (pp. 17-20)
E.   Niezabitowska, D. Masły, Architectural programming and building quality evaluation for energy savings and sustainable development of built environment (pp. 21-26)
Z.   K. Zuziak, Planning and designing for sustainable development of a historic city. The case study of Kraków (pp. 27-34)
J.    Baron, E.M. Bulewicz, S. Kandefer, M. Pilawska, W. Żukowski, Environmentally-fiendly use of waste biomass in protected areas (pp. 35-40)
M.  Ł. Michalski, Biomass, biogas and municipal waste as alternative energy sources for historical cities (pp. 41-50)
M.  Tiris, S. Ozdogan, Sustainable solid waste utilisation options for the historical city of Istanbul (pp. 51-56)
A.  Laszuk, P. Natkaniec, Ecologically clean energy from the solar air collectors (pp. 57-64)
K.  Ledwoń, Landscape biodiversity in constructing solar systems (pp. 65-70)
J.    Magiera, K. Wojtaś, M. Turoń, Renewable sources of energy for house heating and usable warm water production (pp. 71-80)
M.  D. Rabinovych, Renewable energy sources for sustainable development of historical cities (pp. 81-86)
J.    Siedlaczek, J. Magiera, The zeolite heat pump and its application prospects in modern heating systems (pp. 87-94)
A.  Siuta-Olcha, Study of thermal processes in solar domestic hot-water system (pp. 95-102)
T.   Wójcik, J. Magiera, The possibilities of using heat pumps in historical cities (pp. 103-108)
G.  A. Zuyeva, J. Magiera, N.V. Lukyanchikova, G.N. Kokurina, System-structural approach to heat-exchange processes in a solar collector (pp. 109-116)
A.  Jäger-Waldau, Photovoltaics - markets and benefits (pp. 117-126)
H.  J. Möller, Photovoltaics - current status and perspectives (pp. 127-134)
T.   Komorowicz, J. Magiera, Balance and operational analysis of technological nodes of bioethanol production plant (pp. 135-142)
W.  Kujawski, Ł. Zieliński, Bioethanol - one of the renewable energy sources (pp. 143-150)
K.  Kupiec, A. Kubala, Dehydration of ethanol used as a fuel additive (pp. 151-160)
J.    Magiera, T. Komorowicz, K. Waląg, Use of bioethanol in terms of carbon dioxide emission (pp. 161-168)
J.    Rakoczy, R. Mirek, A. Pyszowski, Effect of ethanol fuel on natural environment in urban
(pp. 169-174)
Ł.   Zieliński, Bioethanol as a component of liquid fuels affecting environmental protection (pp. 175-180)
A.  Głuszek, J. Magiera, Transport as element of sustainable development of historical cities (pp. 181-188)
J.    R. Jewulski, Z.S. Rak, Fuel cells - the opportunity for environmental protection (pp. 189-194)
Z.   Juda, Ultracapacitors as an advanced energy source for braking energy recovery in electric vehicles (pp. 195-202)
K.  Pielichowski, K. Pielichowska, Polymeric phase change materials for thermal energy storage (pp. 203-208)
J.    Zimny, Potential of geothermal energy in Poland and Germany - state for the year 2005 (pp. 209-)



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