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Environment Protection Engineering

H. Inoue, M. Yamasaki, D. S. Lakshmi, T. Kojo, S.-I. Yamagishi, Effects of supersonic treatment of lactoferrin separation from whey waste using reversed micellar system (pp. 5-12)
J. Marcq, Q. T. Nguyen, D. Langevin, B. Brule, Abatement of CO2 emissions by means of membranes - characterization of industrial PebaxT films (pp. 13-22)
S. Mielczarski, A. Noworyta, M. Kubasiewicz-Ponitka, P. Suchecki, Treatment of phenol wastewater using pervaporation (pp. 23-32)
D. Búcsú, K. Bélafi-Bakó, Z. Pientka, Two-stage membrane separation process for biohydrogen recovery (pp. 33-38)
R. Gildemeister, A. Drews, M. Kraume, Greywater treatment in a submerged membrane sequencing batch reactor (SM-SBR) (pp. 39-52)
T. Y. Chiu, M. V. Lara Dominguez, A. E. James, Non-circular ceramic membranes for use in wastewater treatment (pp. 53-60)
J. Bohdziewicz, A. Kwarciak, E. Neczaj, Influence of ultrasound field on landfill leachate treatment by means of anaerobic process (pp. 61-72)
M. Ulewicz, W. Walkowiak, Selective removal of transition metal ions in transport through polymer inclusion membranes with organophosphorus acids (pp. 73-82)
J. Niemczewska, K. Alejski, J. Szymanowski, Kinetics of zinc(II) extraction from model hydrochloric acid solutions in the Lewis cell (pp. 83-92)
S. Siavash Madaeni, S. Naghdi Sedeh, M. de Nobili, Effect of cations on ultrafiltration of humic acid and BSA mixture (pp. 93-98)
U. Nowak, W. Kamiñski, J. Albiñska, K. Jaros, The application of structural foam membranes in heavy metal ion removal from drinking water (pp. 99-108)
X. Hu, E. Bekassy-Molnar, G. Vatai, A. Koris, Ultrafiltration of oily emulsion for metal cutting fluid: role of feed temperature (pp. 109-118)
H. Inoue, D. Shanthana Lakshmi, M. Yamasaki, S.-I. Yamagishi, Removal of pertechnetate ion from radioactive waste using anion-exchange paper membrane (pp. 119-126)
P. Dydo, M. Turek, J. Trojanowska, The concept of utilizing a boron-containing landfill leachate by means of membrane techniques (pp. 127-134)
D. ©mídová, P. Mikulá¹ek, J. Skoupil, Treatment of wastewater from water-based paints industry (pp. 135-144)
I. Galambos, E. Csiszár, E. Békássy-Molnár, G. Vatai, Mass transfer model for humic acid removal by ultrafiltration (pp. 145-152)
K. Jaros, W. Kamiñski, J. Albiñska, U. Nowak, Removal of heavy metal ions: copper, zinc and chromium from water on chitosan beads (pp. 153-162)
A. Koris, D. Krstic, X. Hu, G. Vatai, Ultrafiltration of-oil-in water emulsion: flux enhancement with static mixer (pp. 163-168)
P. Mikulá¹ek, V. Kopecký, O. Ku¹nierik, Characterization of nanofiltration membranes used for the separation of aqueous dye-salt solutions (pp. 169-176)
A. Pineda, M. Sancho, J. Lora, J. M. Arnal, A. Bes, C. Martí, Membrane performance in the treatment of the effluent from a zirconium silicate production industry (pp. 177-186)
V. Kopecký, P. Mikulá¹ek, Desalination of reactive yellow 85 by nanofiltration (pp. 187-198)
A. Orecki, M. Tomaszewska, The influence of organic compounds on rejection of inorganic compounds in the nanofiltration process (pp. 199-206)
I. Kowalska, M. Kabsch-Korbutowicz, K. Majewska-Nowak, M. Pietraszek, Removal of detergents from industrial wastewater in ultrafiltration process (pp. 207-220)
G. Po¼niak, B. Turkiewicz, M. Rucka, E. Zboiñska, Optimization of enzyme immobilization on interpolymer membranes (pp. 221-228)
K. Majewska-Nowak, Fouling of hydrophilic ultrafiltration membranes applied to water recovery from dye and surfactant solutions (pp. 229-)










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