Environment Protection Engineering

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Environment Protection Engineering

J.    Dojlido, B. Taboryska, B. Obmińska, Total metal content versus metals dissolved in surface waters (pp. 5-20)
A.  M. Anielak, K. Piaskowski, Influence of zeolites on kinetics and effectiveness of the process of sewage biological purification in sequencing batch reactors (pp. 21-32)
D.  Kuchar, M. Vondruska, V. Bednarik, Y. Kojima, H. Matsuda, Stabilization/solidification of sludge by means of coal fly ash as a binder (pp. 33-46)
J.    Gumińska, Process of flocs ageing and its influence on flocculation effectiveness (pp. 47-60)
J.    Perkowski, A. Bulska, W.K. Jóźwiak, Titania-assisted photocatalytic decomposition of Triton X-100 detergent in aqueous solution (pp. 61-76)
P.   Jadczyk, J. Kucharczyk, Mutagenicity of pollutants and their fractions adsorbed on airborne particulate in the centre of Wrocław (Poland) (pp. 77-92)
A.  Kotowski, H. Szewczyk, A. Pawlak, Hydraulic modelling of sewage flow in separators of petroleum distributors (pp. 93-102)
A.     Kolanek, T. Kowalski, The influence of municipal sewage and humic substances on calcium and magnesium concentrations in riverine water (pp. 103-)








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