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Environment Protection Engineering

R. P. Bennicelli, Z. Stępniewska, A. Banach, K. Szajnocha, Influence of selected heavy metals on the content of photosynthetic pigments in fern azolla caroliniana (pp.)
L. Bartoszek, R. Gruca-Rokosz, P. Koszelnik, J. Tomaszek, Phosphorus in the solina reservoir ecosystem (pp.)
J. Bień, T. Kamizela, M. Kowalczyk, L. Stępniak, The analysis of sedimentation and thickening of sewage sludges after ultrasonic disintegration (pp.)
J. Bień, M. Kowalczyk, T. Kamizela, L. Stępniak, Settling characteristics of sludge particles produced by water treatment processes (pp.)
E. Czerwieniec, R. Gruca-Rokosz, L. Bartoszek, J. A. Tomaszek, Chemical composition of bottom sediment in the Rzeszów reservoir study (pp.)
R. Gruca-Rokosz, L. Bartoszek, J. A. Tomaszek, Heavy metals in the bottom sediments of the Solina reservoir (pp.)
M. Kacprzak, K. Woszczyk, The microfungal communities in the soils treated with sewage sludge (pp.)
I. Kociszewska, Assessment of pro-ecological investments and their impact on one of the partnerships in the polish state railways capital group (pp.)
K. Kociszewski, Rural development funds and environmental protection in Poland (pp.)
P. Koszelnik, J. A. Tomaszek, Share of different types of catchments in the Solina reservoir loading with biogenic elements (pp.)
P. Koszelnik, J. A. Tomaszek, Relationship between dynamics of phosphorus compounds and nitrogen retention in some dam reservoirs from Podkarpacie (SE Poland) (pp.)
J. Lach, E. Ociepa, The influence of high-temperature modification of activated carbon on the effectiveness of removing Cr(III) and Cr(VI) from water (pp.)
Z. Dębowski, M. Madeła, Adsorption of phenol and bioregeneration of granular activated carbons (pp.)
E. Neczaj, Anaerobic digestion of excess sludge thickened in ultrafiltration process (pp.)
E. Ociepa, J. Lach, Evaluation of the influence of organo-mineral fertilizer on the uptake of zinc, cadmium and lead and on the buckwheat crop (pp.)
R. Reszel, H. Reszel, J. Pęcek, B. Hadam, Heavy metals and sulphur in the soils of farmlands in protected areas of the Podkarpacie region (pp.)
Z. Stępniewska, A. Szafranek, Changes of phosphate level in some peats being transformed in different degrees (pp.)
R. P. Bennicelli, Z. Stępniewska, K. Szajnocha, A. Banach, The influence of heavy metals on the growth of azolla during purification of municipal wastewater (pp.)
Z. Stępniewska, A. Szmagara, E. Stefaniak, Optimization of environmental parameters conducive to methane oxidation with coal mine dump rock (pp.)
W. Szydło, The possibilities of developing organic farming after the accession of Poland to the EU (pp.)
J. A. Tomaszek, A. Ważny, G. Furmański, M. Gacoń, Integrated removal of carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus at modernized wastewater treatment plant in Kobylec (pp.)
A. Tomska, M. Janosz-Rajczyk, The effect of magnetic field on wastewater treatment with activated sludge method (pp.)
R. Wi¶niewski, Phosphates in sediments of hypertrophic Łasińskie lake. Remove or immobilize? (pp.)
Z. Stępniewska, A. Wolińska, Dehydrogenase activity in the soils contaminated by Cr(III) and Cr(VI) compounds (pp.)
T. Sobczyński, M. Szwak, A. Zioła, J. Siepak, Fractionation of aluminium from alluvial sediments (pp.)
J. B. Bień, M. Strzelczyk, P. Wolski, Magnetic and chemical conditioning of sewage sludge (pp.)
Janusz A. Tomaszek, Ewa Czerwieniec
, Release of gases from bottom sediment of the Rzeszów reservoir, Poland (pp.)








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