Environment Protection Engineering

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Environment Protection Engineering

Z. Parisheva, L. Nusheva, N. Danova, Advanced oxidation of solutions containing formaldehyde part 1. Combined effect of ozone and hydrogen peroxide (pp.)
M. Kabsch-Korbutowicz, K. Majewska-Nowak, Removal of atrazine from water by coagulation and adsorption (pp.)
A. El-Shershaby, Environmental isotopes and natural radioactivity assessment for clays, products derived from clay and radon exhalation rate of clays in Egypt (pp.)
M. Krzemieniewski, M. Smuczyńska, Iron-alginate gel beads used for phosphorus removal from wastewater (pp.)
M. Krzemieniewski, M. Dębowski, W. Janczukowicz, J. Pesta, Formaldehyde biodegradation by activated sludge under aerobic conditions (pp.)
E. Połom, D. Szaniawska, Optimization of nanofiltration process of lactic acid solutions employing statistical experimental design (pp.)
J. Magiera, M. Markiewicz, A. Głuszek, Hydrofinishing of distillates obtained from waste oils (WOs) (pp.)
P. Jadczyk, Methods of examination of genotoxicity of atmospheric pollutants (pp.)
H. Karcz, R. Miller, Emission of gaseous pollutants from firing-up burners (pp.)
J. Rak, A study of the qualitative methods for risk assessment in water supply systems (pp.)
J. Borkowska-Burnecka, D. Mazur, W. Żyrnicki, A study of REE concentrations in mosses from various locations by the ICP-AES method (pp.)
J. Bohdziewicz, E. Sroka, W. Kusznik, Aerobic membrane bioreactor in the treatment of wastewater from the meat industry (pp.)








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