Environment Protection Engineering

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Environment Protection Engineering

Z. Parisheva, L. Nusheva, Catalytic ozonation of aqueous model solutions f reactive dye blue-1 (pp.)
L. E. Aririatu, N. C. Ewelike, A low-cost filtration system for the treatment of wastewaters (pp.)
E. Chmielewská, H. Spiegel, Some control of an amplified heavy metal distribution at immission sites of Danube lowland refineries (pp.)
J. Bohdziewicz, M. Kowalska, Biodegradation of phenols and cyanides using membranes obtained by chemical immobilization (pp.)
M. B. Rajkovič, D. Toškovič, A new procedure of phosphogypsum purification in order to diminish the content of radionuclides study (pp.)
E. E. Anyanwu, N. V. Ogueke, Design considerations for wind energy powered water pumping facility for sites in Nigeria (pp.)
C. D. Okereke, The environmental economics of multi-compartment septic tanks (pp.)
M. Mańczak, Classification of sequencing batch reactors (pp.)
J. Dziopak, A numerical solution of mathematical models for two-chamber storage reservoir of the contract type (pp.)
J. Dziopak, Discussion of numerical solutions of mathematical models for two-chamber reservoir of the contract type (pp.)
A. Szczurek, M. Maciejewska, Humidity as a discriminative factor in alcohols recognition (pp.)
H. Hotloś, Reliability level of municipal water-pipe networks (pp.)








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