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Environment Protection Engineering

H. I. Abdel-Shafy, S. A. Sayed, T. M. Yhaya Omar, Risk assessment of sewage reuse on the sandy soil of the Abu-rawash desert, Egypt (pp.)
A. El-Taher, A. S. M. El-Bahi, A. El-Shershaby, E. Zohny, A. S. Abdel-Haleem, Trace elements in alluvial soils affected by wastewaterirrigation (pp.)
E. Chmielewská, Remediation of specifically polluted waste effluents using natural zeolites (pp.)
R. I. Mackie, W. D±browski, M. Zielina, Numerical study of a rational rule for the operation of variable declining rate filters in response to changes in raw water quality (pp.)
T. Sebök, K. Kulísek, J. ©imoník, The influence of organic additives on solidified FBC-p parameters study (pp.)
L. Smoczyński, R. Wardzyńska, Fractal characteristics of post-coagulation sludge from sewage (pp.)
S. Denczew, Modern management of the utilization of water supply and sewage disposal systems (pp.)
J. Dziopak, The mathematical models for gravitational two-chamber storage reservoir of the contract type (pp.)
J. Jeżowski, G. Poplewski, A. Jeżowska, Optimization of water usage in chemical indus
try (pp.)









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